International Service Projects

Northern Uganda

H. E. A.R. T. Project (Health Education and Rapid Transportation) completed in October 2020.  

The purpose of this international service project was to reduce maternal and infant mortality by implementing strategies to avoid the underlying reasons for high rates of morbidity and mortality as determined by ground-level needs assessments.  Goals of this project included: 

  1. Reduce the delay in which pregnant women chose to obtain maternity care/delivery services from a skilled healthcare facility.  
  2. Reduce the delay in which people reach the proper level of care to meet the needs of the patient.  
  3. Reduce the delay in receiving proper care at a Healthcare facility once a patient has arrived due to poor staff training or lack of proper equipment. 

This project also included: 

Training the locally accepted, yet unskilled,  traditional birth attendants to be referral agents to the health centers for prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care.

Training already existing Village Health Teams and Traditional Birth Attendants to identify emergencies and be the first responders of their village to call the newly formed Ambulance System.  When called, the nearest e-Ranger motorcycle ambulance will pick up the pregnant mother and transport to the best facility for her condition. A maternity waiting home is available for mothers who can travel to the larger health center to give birth and now have a place to stay until labor begins. Health Workers were provided with updated tools, some as basic as stethoscopes to improve their day to day work.

Over the 18 months of the program, referrals to health centers for prenatal care and deliveries from these remote areas increased multiple times over exceeding the capacity of local health centers until Traditional Birth Attendants began escorting their mothers to nearby Health Centers in the next county.  The belief that mothers should receive professional maternal care was now important.   

International Service Projects

Kabali, Western Uganda, at Uganda Rural Development Training school and African Rural University

We trained a group of students to make 26 composting micro flush toilets that use one cup of water and 500 earthworms. This saves the user from having to pay to haul the waste away to dump in a “soak field”, or saves the user from having to cover the toilet and use additional land to build another. We took 4 vocational team members from Summit Rotary to teach entrepreneurial skills to staff and students.

The grant was supported by Rotary Club of Mount Airy, Surry Sunrise, and the Rotary clubs of Summit, Winston Salem, Elkin, King, and Southern Pines. In addition, four Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Mount Airy also contributed to the project.  

Kitgum District, Mucwini and Lagoro sub-counties, Uganda.

We built two solar water systems supplying water to 1500 people, including 2 schools, and the shrine of Uganda Martyr, Archbishop Luwum, in which thousands of pilgrims come once a year to pay homage. The project also included teaching individuals how to make low emissions clay stoves for 60 homes, 10 demonstration micro flush toilets, and drying racks for dishes in the homes and sanitation in the schools. This project was supported by many clubs in District 7690.


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